Mittelalterlicher Gürtel in 3 cm + Ende
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  • Farbe Leder
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  • Metall Farbe

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3 cm wide medieval leather belt

Get this medieval leather belt with strap end, crafted after models from the 14th century.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 3 cm width
  • Material: strong cowhide leather of 3 to 3.5 mm thickness
  • Additional features: two narrow decorative lines embossed
  • Quality notes: natural and slightly waxed surface
  • Time period: medieval

Usage Example

The medieval leather belt is 3 cm wide and worn tied behind the buckle, as was customary in the Middle Ages. The strap end adds a nice touch to the garment.

The belt is available in black or brown and in two sizes:

  • Belt S: 165 cm circumference, 92 - 107 cm
  • Belt L: 180 cm circumference, 105 - 120 cm

The medieval leather belt is also available as a complete set with strap end and three matching fittings 10 MA 3:B ZN.

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Farbe Leder schwarz oder braun
Größe S oder L
Metall Farbe silber oder messing