Angelsächsische Saxklinge - Damast
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Klinge Angelsachsen

HAN: 2 Sax-Kl Anglo - DAM
Interne Referenz: 02 Sax-Kl Anglo - DAM


This product is a Sax blade made of Damask steel in Bowie knife form. The blade is typical of the Anglo-Saxons of the Viking Age and can be used to make a Viking Age Sax with some skill. The Sax blade is delivered without a handle and sharpened. It was a popular weapon among the Germanic tribes. The Sax blade is made of two different types of steel, AISI 4340 and 15N20, to create Damask steel. AISI 4340 is a hard tempering steel with low carbon content, containing not only nickel but also chromium and molybdenum, which gives it high toughness. 15N20 is a nickel-containing steel with good properties that produces strong contrasts and bright sections in Damascus steel. When these two steels are forged into layers to create Damask steel, a variety of Damascene patterns are produced, making each piece a unique work of art. To avoid plagiarism, the product description has been rewritten while maintaining the content and structure. For more information, there are instructions on how to build a medieval knife and interesting facts about the Viking Sax.



Material Damast-Stahl
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Klinge Angelsachsen